Let Atlas help you save

the Atlas Difference

  • No deposit options.
  • Bill estimates.
  • Real energy savings.

How it works

Step one

Tell us about your home and energy habits

Atlas does the math on your electricity usage, so you don't have to. We'll ask the following questions:

  • What size is your home?
  • How many people live there?
  • What’s your usage, actual or estimated?

Answer those and we’ll give you an energy plan recommendation based on facts instead of guesswork.

Step Two

Check how much you could save on each plan

After we learn about your home, we’ll take you to a plan dashboard. There you can check:

  • What your monthly bill could be
  • How much you could save
  • Which plan we think is best for you

But don’t take our word for it. Compare dozens of Texas energy providers and rates to run the numbers for yourself.

Step Three

Sign up for an energy rate that works for you

When you’ve chosen your plan, we'll help you get set up. At Atlas, that means:

  • Clear pricing
  • No billing surprises
  • A long-term match

Get an electricity rate that fits your home every month of the year. That’s what a few minutes with Atlas can do for you.

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What is Atlas?

Atlas puts you first when it comes to buying power

Texas electricity plans are confusing, with tiers and usage levels and free nights and base charges and, well, you get it. It’s difficult for anyone to keep track of all the factors affecting electricity rates.

That’s why Atlas built an algorithm that sifts the guesswork out of finding a great plan. It will take information about you and your home and use it to drill down to the offer that’s best for you.

At Atlas, we always recommend the best plan for you, regardless of how much we're paid by providers. But the real payoff comes after you sign up: Atlas will keep working for you to find better plans.

We're here for you whenever you need energy: the first time you sign up, if better plans come on the market, and when your current plan ends. That works for you and Atlas.