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Express Energy

Low rates and a simple online experience distinguish this provider from others on the market.

Written By: Laurie Garrison
Updated: November 2, 2020

About Express Energy

Relatively new to the Texas electricity market, Express Energy began serving Texans in 2017. Express Energy’s tagline — No Frills, Low Bills — sums up the company’s desire for simplicity for its customers, with a streamlined online shopping experience.

In addition to low Express Energy electric rates, the company offers its customers complete control of their energy supply with 100 percent online account management. Some of the areas Express Energy serves include:

What’s the best Express Energy plan?

In addition to standard length terms, Express Energy plans include a month-to-month option. The company offers both fixed and variable rate plans. All plans have paperless billing and feature auto pay. Some of these plans include:

  • Express 12 - A 12-month fixed rate option with a flat energy charge, this plan has a low early termination fee of just $20 a month for the remaining months on your term.
  • Quick 12 - Another 12-month fixed rate plan, this choice has a flat fee for all usage up to 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). For usage over 1,000 kWh, there’s a second flat fee, along with an additional rate for kWh usage over 1,000. There are no base charges and it has the same early cancellation fee structure.
  • Express Monthly - If you’re not sure how long you’ll be at your location, you can go with this variable rate month-to-month plan that has no cancellation fees.

Not all of these plans are available in all parts of the state. When deciding which plan to select, your energy usage is the biggest factor. For example, if you select the Quick 12 plan and use 1,010 kWh, you could be paying significantly more than if you use 999 kWh. When you sign up for a free account with Atlas, we can help you avoid pitfalls like this and point you toward the right plan.

Is Express Energy a good company?

At Atlas, we rate all the energy providers we show you to help our users understand what each company is offering. Providers can earn up to five stars. Here’s how Express Energy did:

Express Energy rating: 3.8 stars

Express Energy offers customers a satisfaction guarantee as well as online bill pay and usage alerts. Better Business Bureau accreditation with an A grade also boosted its score. Where Express fell short was its poor complaint score with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, at only 1 out of 5.

Which provider has the cheapest Texas electricity rates?

Electricity rates can change daily, which means the answer to this question changes daily too. It also depends on whether you select a fixed rate or variable rate plan, and just because a provider offers the cheapest rate doesn’t mean their bill will be the lowest. You also have to factor in discounts, credits, and incentives.

Atlas helps make these calculations a bit easier, by doing the math for you. We look at all the factors that could affect your bill for both the short and long term. We’ll ask you some questions about your energy usage and put our custom algorithm to work analyzing what type of bill you could see on all the available plans. Then, we recommend the best plan for your personal situation.

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Is Express Energy right for you?

It’s possible! When you sign up for a free account with Atlas, we’ll test your usage on Express Energy plans as well as plans from providers such as Direct Energy and Frontier Energy to see how your bill will look with all of your options. Enter your address above and we’ll start mapping a path to savings, with Express or another provider.