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Iberdrola Texas

This provider only offers electric plans powered by wind, making it a good choice for renewable energy options.

Written By: Laurie Garrison
Updated: November 3, 2020

About Iberdrola Texas

Iberdrola Texas is part of the Iberdrola Group, the world’s largest producer of wind power. The Iberdrola Group provides electricity to more than 100 million customers worldwide. Although its parent company has a history that spans 170 years, Iberdrola Texas entered the Texas electric market in July 2020.

The state of Texas generates more wind power than any other state in the country and Iberdrola has six wind farms in the state. All of the electricity Iberdrola supplies to Texas residents comes from these wind farms. Iberdrola Texas electric rates are always fixed. There are no Iberdrola Texas electric prices with variable rates or hidden fees. Among the areas the company serves are:

What’s the best Iberdrola Texas plan?

Iberdrola Texas plans use 100% renewable Texas wind electricity. There are no base charges or minimum usage fees and all bills are provided electronically. Some of Iberdrola Texas’ most popular plans are:

  • Wind by TX 36 - On this 36-month plan, customers can receive 50 percent off their first bill and same-day connection. It includes an early termination fee of $250.
  • Cover Your Switch Fee 36 - Customers pay a flat rate for 36 months. Iberdrola will credit your account up to $150 to cover termination fees for early cancellation of your contract with your old provider.
  • Wind by TX 12 - This is a fixed rate 12-month plan with no minimum usage fee. Usage tiers are set as 500 kWh, 1000 kWh, and 2000 kWh.

Plans are not available in all areas of the state and rates vary depending on both how much electricity you use and your location. When you sign up for a free account with Atlas, we’ll help you sort through all of the available options to find the right fit in your area.

Is Iberdrola Texas a good company?

To help our users know what they’re signing up for, and to help us ensure quality among our energy providers, we’ve created a rating system out of 5 stars. Here’s how Iberdrola Texas fared:

Iberdrola Texas rating: 3.5 stars

With over 170 years of experience across the globe, Iberdrola earned top marks for business history. The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee and ticks all the marks in online accessibility, with usage alerts, online bill pay, and more. Iberdrola is not accredited by the BBB and earned a 1 out of 5 on the most recent complaint scorecard from the Public Utility Commission of Texas, bringing down its overall score.

Which provider has the cheapest Texas electricity rates?

This is a difficult question to answer. Due to the fluctuating nature of the market, electricity rates can change daily. The plan with the cheapest rate today may be more expensive than other plans tomorrow. Additionally, a cheap rate does not automatically mean you’ll have a cheap bill. Some providers include additional fees, such as minimum usage, while other providers offer discounts or incentives. Sometimes, the more electricity you use, the cheaper your rate will be.

All of this makes for a pretty confusing picture, and that's where Atlas comes in. We’ll help you navigate the market with a custom algorithm that tests your energy usage on all plans at every time of the year. We like to look at the big picture instead of just the here and now, and we think you will too. Once we do the math, we’ll recommend plans that will work for you over the long term — real bill savings included.

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Is Iberdrola Texas right for you?

It could be, especially if having your electricity powered by renewable sources is important to you. But when you sign up with Atlas, we’ll also check your usage on plans from a number of other providers, including Gexa Energy, TXU Energy, and more. We want to make sure that whatever provider you choose is truly the right fit. Enter your address above, answer a few questions, and we’ll put our algorithm to work to find the best electric plan for you.