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Written By: Taylor Freitas
Updated: September 28, 2020

Get to know energy choice in Arlington

With a population of about 400,000, Arlington is the seventh-largest city in Texas and one of the most prominent suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Arlington is home to many of the most popular attractions in the region, including Six Flags Over Texas and AT&T Stadium (home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys).

If you live in Arlington, you have the power to choose your electricity provider -- and with Atlas, you can map a path to the right plan. We help simplify the complex Texas electricity market, helping you find the best Arlington electricity rates. We’ll do the research for you - from bill credits to seasonal prices and more - and give you a personalized recommendation, all at no cost.

Your map to Arlington utilities and providers

In Arlington, your utility company is separate from your retail electric provider (REP). The utility is responsible for delivering your electricity, responding to power outages, and keeping power lines in working order. The utility company in Arlington is Oncor Electric Delivery.

  • Customers: 10+ million
  • Areas served: 408 cities and 98 counties across the state
  • Outages: Call 1-888-313-4747 or go to the outage center

You'll find that there are several different electricity suppliers to choose from. With Atlas, you can find the best one for you. Here are some of the electric providers that serve Arlington:

4Change EnergyDirect EnergyGexa EnergyReliant Energy
Bulb EnergyDiscount PowerIberdrolaTriEagle Energy
Chariot EnergyExpress EnergyJust EnergyTXU Energy
Cirro EnergyFirst Choice PowerPayless Power
Constellation EnergyFrontier UtilitiesPulse Power

How Atlas compares Arlington electric plans

To put it simply: the deregulated energy market in Texas is often complicated to understand. With so many different providers and plans, it can be hard to figure out the best fit for you. Atlas helps you get clarity around the most common pitfalls faced by Texas electricity customers.

Consider these points:

  • Electricity prices change all the time. While fixed-rate plans protect you from these fluctuations, a variable-rate plan means that your rate will adjust based on what's going on in the market.
  • Similarly, varying levels of electricity usage also impact your Arlington electric bill. For example, the average Texas electricity customer paid $95 in April 2019, compared to $196 in August 2019.
  • Plan structures aren't always straightforward. Under some plans, you might pay less for using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) than you would for using 999 kWh.

The good news is that Atlas can help you navigate this complex system. Your free Atlas account lets you see the Arlington electricity rates that will work best for you, based on the information you give us. We’ll also keep monitoring your usage to find better plans in the future.

Why Atlas is different

At Atlas, we're focused on delivering real value to our users. Our energy marketplace provides you with the right plans for you, and not just the cheapest Arlington electricity rates for that day. The Atlas algorithm tests what you tell us about your usage against multiple factors to present you with the best plan for now and later.

How much information you give us is up to you. The more you share, the better the algorithm works and the better plan we can find for you. Whether you need a little guidance or a lot, Atlas is here to help.

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