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The power to choose an electricity provider in Texas gives Dallas residents alternatives when it comes to energy.

Written By: Arthur Murray
Updated: June 28, 2020

The city of Dallas makes up a large part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, which is the seventh biggest in the country. Once built to facilitate major railroad lines, the city is now home to ten Fortune 500 companies, the State Fair of Texas, and over 1.3 million residents. All of those residents have the power to choose their electricity provider and access the best energy rates in the city.

Atlas was created to help Texans make this choice by providing an easy-to-follow roadmap between you and your electricity plan. We’ll consider all your options and recommend what fits you best based on the information you provide – at no cost to you.

Electricity rates in Dallas and Atlas

There are many retail electricity providers in Texas to choose from. Atlas works with some of the best to find plans that work for our users and help them avoid traps and pitfalls in the energy market.

What does that mean? Consider this:

  • Electricity prices are volatile and not all plans are protected from these fluctuations, which could leave you paying a lot more than when you first signed up.
  • Average Texas electricity bills can be equally fickle – in April 2019 the average bill way $95 while in August that same year saw average bills of $196.
  • Using more doesn’t always mean paying more. Some plans reward customers for using 1,000 kWh but penalize them for using 999 kWh.

With Atlas, you can be sure you’re avoiding these issues and only considering plans that will work in many scenarios over the course of your contract. When you sign up for a free Atlas account, we’ll continue to track your plan and let you know if we find something better for you.

What makes Atlas different

Atlas was built to be different from other energy marketplaces. That starts with our custom algorithm, which takes the information you give us and tests it against many different types of energy rates and plans. It allows us to see the big picture and make the right recommendation – not just for today but for next week and six months from now, too.

The more information you give us, the more we can personalize your results, but we’ll never force you to tell us anything. We’re here for as much or as little help as you need.

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So, why is all this free? It all goes back to our foundation: doing what’s best for the consumer. You don’t pay us, but the providers we show on our site do. They know we’re looking out for your interests and want to be part of the conversation.

Get started finding Dallas energy rates by entering your ZIP code above and entering some information about your needs. We’ll do the math and give you a personalized path to savings.