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Written By: Taylor Freitas
Updated: September 30, 2020

Get to know energy choice in Denton

Denton is a historic Texas city with an estimated population of 134,000, located 40 miles north of Dallas. It is home to the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University, which have a combined student body of more than 50,000. Denton also hosts a number of cultural events, including the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, the Denton Black Film Festival, and the North Texas Fair and Rodeo.

If you live in Denton, you’re part of the deregulated Texas energy market, giving you the power to choose your electricity provider. You can use Atlas as an all-in-one roadmap to find the best Denton electricity rates for you. We use an algorithm to do the research for you, so you can base your choice on math instead of guesswork.

Your map to Denton utilities and providers

Your utility company is responsible for delivering electricity, as well as fixing power outages and maintaining power lines in your area. In Denton, your utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery.

  • Customers: 10+ million
  • Areas served: 408 cities and 98 counties across the state
  • Outages: Call 940-349-7000 or go to the outage center

Although you can’t choose your utility company, you can select the retail electric provider that supplies your electricity. Denton electric providers include:

4Change EnergyDirect EnergyGexa EnergyReliant Energy
Bulb EnergyDiscount PowerIberdrolaTriEagle Energy
Chariot EnergyExpress EnergyJust EnergyTXU Energy
Cirro EnergyFirst Choice PowerPayless Power
Constellation EnergyFrontier UtilitiesPulse Power

How Atlas compares Denton electric plans

If you’re confused by the Texas energy market, you certainly aren’t alone. Atlas was built by energy experts to guide you through the complex plan and pricing structures and help you find the best Denton electric prices.

Some common pitfalls that energy customers experience while shopping for a new plan:

  • Electricity prices rise and fall constantly. While some plans let you lock in a rate that protects you from price fluctuations, others leave you liable to pay the current market rate.
  • Energy usage in Texas varies by season. For instance, the average Texas energy bill was $95 in April 2019 but rose to $196 in August 2019.
  • Pricing structures are often intentionally vague. You’ll pay less for using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity under some plans than you would for using 999 kWh on the same plan.

Atlas is your one-stop resource to avoid these problems. We’ll make sure you’re only considering plans that work throughout the year, regardless of changes to your usage, the season, or the market. With a free Atlas account, you’ll get the full picture of what you could expect to pay on a new plan and we’ll let you know if we find something better in the future.

Why Atlas is different

At Atlas, our mission is to provide genuine value for our users. Unlike other energy marketplaces, we go beyond just showing you the day’s cheapest rates, and instead present you with the Denton electricity plans that will work for you today and in six months. Our algorithm analyzes the information that you share with us to test many types of plans and make a recommendation from there.

We’ll work with as much information as you want to share and do the math for you. Leave confusion and research behind with a personalized path to savings.

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The Atlas marketplace is free to use for Texas energy consumers. Here’s how that happens. The providers that appear on our site pay us to include their plans on Atlas. However, they understand that our central focus is our users, so there’s no obligation to recommend their plans to you unless they’re truly a good fit.

To get started with Atlas, enter your address above and answer a few simple questions about your household energy habits. From there, our algorithm will provide your tailored electricity plan recommendations and display the potential savings on your Denton electric bill.