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Written By: Virginia Brown
Updated: September 28, 2020

Get to know energy choice in Laredo

The city of Laredo, Texas sits a couple hours south of San Antonio, on the Mexican border. This means Laredo enjoys an eclectic mix of languages and cultures. Walk the streets of Laredo and engage in a veritable history lesson, complete with structures and museums steeped in rich stories of the 261-year-old city. Founded in 1755, the city’s population of over 260,000 has plenty to enjoy.

Like most communities in Texas, Laredo has a deregulated energy market, meaning residents have the power to choose their electricity provider. Your one-stop roadmap to the right energy plan, Atlas will help match your usage and needs to the right plan, at no cost to you.

Your map to Laredo utilities and providers

In short, utility companies deliver electricity to your home, maintain power lines, and manage power outages. The utility company in Laredo is AEP Texas Central.

  • Customers: 1+ million
  • Areas served: Southern and central Texas, including Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen, and Laredo
  • Outages: Report outages online, or call 866-223-8508.

Beyond the utility company, there are many retail electric providers to choose from in Laredo. Atlas will help you compare options to find the right fit. Laredo energy companies include:

4Change EnergyDirect EnergyGexa EnergyReliant Energy
Bulb EnergyDiscount PowerIberdrolaTriEagle Energy
Chariot EnergyExpress EnergyJust EnergyTXU Energy
Cirro EnergyFirst Choice PowerPayless Power
Constellation EnergyFrontier UtilitiesPulse Power

How Atlas compares Laredo electric plans

Energy plans in Texas can be complicated. Providers display electricity rates at three levels, based on the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) you use. The problem? No one uses energy at exact levels, and going over or under could cost you.

Before you opt into any Texas energy provider plan, consider these pitfalls:

  • Every day, electricity prices in Texas change. Some energy plans are protected from these changes, but many are not. That can be risky when you consider that the average Texan used 1,664 kWh in August 2019.
  • During the hottest points of the summer, the average Texas electricity bill, based on the figure from August 2019, was $196, but in April, the average bill cost was $95.
  • Some Texas energy plans will charge you more for using 999 kWh than for using 1,000 kWh.

These issues can make finding the right plan overwhelming. Atlas will use the information you give us about your needs to make sure you’re avoiding these problems and only considering plans that will work in many situations. When you sign up for an account, we can let you know if we find a better rate and help you switch.

Why Atlas is different

At Atlas, we put our users first. We look at more than just today’s cheapest energy rates to make sure you won’t be surprised later on. Our algorithm tests the information you provide about your energy usage and habits against all kinds of plans so we can see the big picture. Your recommendation is based on math, not guesswork.

We’ll work with as much information as you’re comfortable giving us, and never force you to tell us anything.

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Atlas is free to you, the consumer. We do make money through the providers shown in our marketplace, but we make it clear to them that we’re working for you – not for them. They know this and expect you - and us - to evaluate them closely.

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