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Written By: Lara Vukelich
Updated: September 28, 2020

Get to know energy choice in Pearland

Pearland is a part of the Greater Houston area, just 17 miles south of downtown. The 91,000 residents enjoy a lively Pearland Town Center shopping center, an annual crawfish festival, and a unique movie theater and grill venue. But Pearland residents enjoy more than the amenities of the third largest city in the Houston area. Like much of Texas, Pearland has a deregulated energy market, which means residents have their choice of energy provider.

Atlas can help you chart a path to your ideal energy plan. Our algorithm directs you right to the best Pearland energy rates for your needs, making sure you won’t be tripped up by complicated terms. We were created to give Texans an easy roadmap to the right energy provider – all for free.

Your map to Pearland utilities and providers

Your energy utility company delivers electricity to your home and maintains power lines and other system-wide equipment. The primary Pearland electric provider is CenterPoint Energy.

  • Customers: 2.5+ million
  • Areas served: Greater Houston metropolitan area
  • Outages: Call 1-713-207-2222 or visit the outage center

As a deregulated market, the city allows residents to shop between various Pearland electric providers. Atlas is here to help you navigate to the right energy provider for your needs. The list of available providers includes:

4Change EnergyDirect EnergyGexa EnergyReliant Energy
Bulb EnergyDiscount PowerIberdrolaTriEagle Energy
Chariot EnergyExpress EnergyJust EnergyTXU Energy
Cirro EnergyFirst Choice PowerPayless Power
Constellation EnergyFrontier UtilitiesPulse Power

How Atlas compares Pearland electric plans

While deregulation helps keep electricity prices low, it also makes plan structures and options more confusing. Finding the best option goes beyond just identifying the top Pearland electricity rates, especially when you consider:

  • Pearland electric prices are not always consistent . Some energy plans are protected from daily changes and some aren’t, and extra fees can add up (the average Texan used 1,664 kWh in August 2019).
  • Rates fluctuate throughout the year. That average use in Texas in August 2019 resulted in an average electricity bill of $196. Bills averaged only $95 for the month of April during the same year.
  • Many Pearland electricity plans have unclear rate structures. In some cases a customer will pay less for using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) during the month than they would for using 999 kWh.

Atlas can help you avoid these issues. When you sign up for a free Atlas account, we’ll guide you toward plans that work for your needs under many conditions. We’ll also track electricity plans in Pearland and let you know if something better comes along.

How Atlas is different

Atlas is a consumer-first energy marketplace. This means we’re not just out to make a quick sale. Our custom algorithm takes the information you provide and tests it against available Pearland electricity plans and pricing. Not only does our algorithm identify the best short-term plan for your lifestyle, but it can direct you toward the best long-term plan, too.

You can provide as little or as much information as you want, but keep in mind that the more data you provide, the better recommendations we can make.

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We have to make money somehow, and we do – but not from you. The providers who use our site pay us to get their names on the map. They know we’re working for you, not them, and trust that you’ll see their value anyway.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes. Just enter your address and some information about your electricity needs. We’ll do the math and steer you toward the best Pearland electricity plans for you.