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Sugar Land residents can take power into their own hands with a customized energy plan recommendation from Atlas.

Written By: Taylor Freitas
Updated: September 28, 2020

Get to know energy choice in Sugar Land

Sugar Land is a city of about 118,000 people, situated on the outskirts of Houston. It grew to prominence in the early 20th century as the headquarters of the Imperial Sugar Company, which produced and distributed sugarcane. These days, the “sweetest city in Texas” is known for attractions like the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land and the Dig Pit.

As part of the deregulated Texas energy market, Sugar Land residents have the power to choose their retail electric provider. Atlas helps household electricity customers chart a map to the best Sugar Land electricity rates. We use math, instead of guesses, to guide you through your electricity plan options -- at no cost to you.

Your map to Sugar Land utilities and providers

Your utility company handles the delivery of electricity and tends to power lines and outages in your area. In Sugar Land, your utility company is CenterPoint Energy.

  • Customers: 2.5+ million
  • Areas served: Greater Houston and southwest Indiana
  • Outages: Call 713-207-2222 or visit the outage center

On the other hand, you can choose the company that provides electricity to your home. Sugar Land electric providers include:

4Change EnergyDirect EnergyGexa EnergyReliant Energy
Bulb EnergyDiscount PowerIberdrolaTriEagle Energy
Chariot EnergyExpress EnergyJust EnergyTXU Energy
Cirro EnergyFirst Choice PowerPayless Power
Constellation EnergyFrontier UtilitiesPulse Power

How Atlas compares Sugar Land electric plans

It’s exciting to have the power to choose your electricity supplier, but the energy market is often complicated and confusing to navigate. At Atlas, we test your usage against all kinds of factors to bring you the best-fit plans and rates for your situation.

Some points to keep in mind as you browse Sugar Land electricity rates:

  • Electric prices in Texas fluctuate frequently. With a fixed-rate plan, you’ll be protected from changes in the market, but variable-rate plans leave you on the hook to pay the current market rate (even if it’s higher than when you signed up).
  • Texas weather is extreme, which means that your bill will look a lot different in summer versus winter. For instance, the average Texas electric bill was $95 in April 2019 and $196 in August 2019.
  • The structure of electricity plans isn’t always straightforward. With some plans, you’ll pay more for using 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) than you would for using 999 kWh.

All of these factors contribute to the confusion surrounding the Texas electricity market. But with a free Atlas account, you can easily navigate to the best Sugar Land electric prices for today and in the future.

Why Atlas is different

At Atlas, our users are our first priority. That means that we won’t just show you the day’s cheapest electricity rates. Instead, our algorithm will evaluate your situation to recommend the Sugar Land electricity plans that fit your energy needs all year long.

You’ll see plans that take into account seasonality and your estimated usage throughout the year, alongside what that means for savings on your electric bill. We don’t guess what will work for you - we let the math speak for itself. With your Atlas account, we’ll stay on top of things and let you know if we spot a better option in the future.

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As an energy consumer, Atlas is available at no charge. That’s because we work with retail electric providers who pay us to appear on our site. They know that we’re focused on doing what’s best for our users and believe their value will shine through under your microscope.

To get started with Atlas, enter your address above. From there, we’ll ask you some quick questions about your household electricity usage, and our algorithm will get to work. In a few simple steps, you’ll see tailored Sugar Land electricity rates and have the ability to sign up for service.